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Painting old trucks

Land Rover invention makes front of car ‘transparent’
by Jeremy White,

As part of Land Rover’s Dis­cov­ery Vision Con­cept car at the New York Inter­na­tion­al Motor Show this week, the man­u­fac­tur­er has unveiled tech­nol­o­gy that will allow the dri­ver to, in effect, see through the bon­net of the 4x4 to what ex…

Now that’s cool…

Roses blooming

The world of work is changing rapidly. Having employees that are engaged means hiring people that are passionate about their projects. It also means embracing the new ways that top talent wants to work - in high-touch communities where it’s easy to find information and answers.

"Empowering employees and teams to work towards a common purpose, not just quotas or routine expectations, frees everyone from the energy often misspent on micromanagement."

The best work comes from doing what you love. What are you working on?

Spring Blooms

Steam punk custom cycle


Yesterday Sam Altman published a short post containing his thoughts on Secret, and also anonymity in general—namely that it breeds meanness, and that anonymous social networks are destined to decay and grow worse over time.

I strongly disagree. What I’ve observed is the opposite—that…

The human heart, at whatever age, open only to the heart that opens in the return.
Marie Edgeworth